Anthony V. DeBellis, Former Commissioner

Anthony V. DeBellis, Sr. is the former Commissioner of Assessment for the City of Mt. Vernon, New York and has more than 25 years of experience in the assessment field.  In addition to serving as the Assessor for the City of New York from 1982 to 1988, he was also the Town Assessor for the Town of Pelham, and the Town of Bedford.

In 1984, he was designated with “Professional Assessor” status by the New York State Institute of Assessing Officers and has served on the Executive Board.  He has also served as an instructor for both, the International Association of Assessing Officers and the Westchester County Assessors’ Association, as well as being its past president and its current vice president.

Commissioner DeBellis was responsible for introducing innovative computerized expansion into the Assessment Department by including high speed scanning of all public documents, digital still photographs, video photographs, and online conferencing.  He is a frequent presenter at numerous international conferences on computer assisted mass appraisal and has published several papers on the subject.  He is also considered an expert on the valuation of assisted living facilities.


Eric Grabino, Esq., Affiliate 

Eric Grabino has been practicing real estate assessment law since 1989 and has represented a wide variety of clients at pre-trial conferences within the Law Department of New York City.  He is admitted to practicing law in both states of New York and New Jersey, and was an associate for a litigation firm here in Manhattan before entering the assessment field.